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UK Universities Improve Despite Uncertain Future Post- Brexit

Learn more about UK universities by reading Peter Gale blog below. Peter Gale is an educational professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. Skilled in educational leadership, he had been part of several institutions in the past where he took the time to find ways to improve the system as well as help introduce numerous positive changes to the schools he had been part of. He also used to be one of her Majesty’s Ofsted inspectors.

Universities in the UK have been experiencing some systemic decline in recent months. This is further exemplified by their tumble from the tables in the world rankings for the QS 2018. It comes as a relief though to find that the subject rankings that were revealed on February show that the universities in the nation have remained resilient.

Based on the rankings, universities in the UK are leading ten out of the 48 tables that were included in the ranking. No institution in the UK that has held a status of being leading in the world has been toppled by any international competitor. The University of Oxford remains at the top spot for four subjects. Meanwhile, the spot for anthology has been taken from Harvard by the University of Cambridge. In addition, unrivalled in its field is the UCL Institute of Education.

In development studies, Harvard is outranked by the University of Sussex. Meanwhile, the University of Sheffield has taken the top spot for information management and library, and the Royal College of Arts is the leading university for art and design.

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According to the rankings, 34% of all the top three spots in the subject tables are occupied by UK universities. In addition, at least one British university can be found in the first three spots of 32 sports out of 48 rankings. The previous rankings relapsed post-Brexit have been less than positive. The question remains though as to why the narrative seems to have changed now.

This is regarded as good news to British institutions especially since their performance in terms of research has really changed very little. Last year, the UK average for citations per paper was at 82. This was for more than 1200 ranked subjects. This year, the figures are now at 82.26.

The indicator for graduate employability is also looking good for the UK universities too. Over 40,000 hiring managers belonging to international employers hold a high regard for UK students. Last year, the average score for the country was at 65.47. This time, the numbers have increased to 69.37.

It is important to remember though that these rankings are not absolute. They are instead relative. While there have been funding freezes and issues on academic pay that aren’t expected to improve the country’s reputation, it is also crucial to remember that the context of the performance is also in light of a broad decline across Western Europe. There has been a decline among global competitors as well with Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and China experiencing deceleration for the first time despite the highly international strategies that they have employed. Learn more about Peter Gale with his experience as headteacher here, Follow Peter Gale on Twitter here and Read further Peter Gale blogs here. 

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