Peter Gale Discusses Pursuing a Master’s Degree

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Weighing in the Pros and the Cons of a Master’s Degree

Peter Gale is a professional in education based in Surrey, UK. Having been involved in the system and the profession for 20 years, he has experience as an Ofsted inspector, a head teacher, and a trainer. He has also had the chance to occupy leadership roles in the many years that he has been involved in the British school system. A passionate educator, he firmly believes in the many reforms that he had introduced in the many schools that he used to be a part of, which benefits the staff and the students are still enjoying even until now.

There has been much debate when it comes to the benefits and the disadvantages of pursuing a Master’s degree. There are experts who claim that securing a master’s degree in certain subjects does not really do anything to improve one’s pay grade. These are those people who believe that pursuing such further education is not really worth it in the long run.Still, one will find that there are a lot of other reasons that should inspire him to pursue a master’s degree.

It is a great opportunity for you to learn more about your passion. Most people choose to pursue a career out of their passion for it. Whether it is management or nursing, pursuing a further education by earning a master’s degree is one way of learning more about the subject. This can lead towards getting a better understanding of your passion- something that should help you enjoy your career even more.

Getting a graduate degree allows one the chance to get another career. If you are a bachelor’s degree holder, it is possible to obtain a master’s degree that is quite different to the field that you are involved in now just by taking some extra classes on the side. For instance, you may have a degree in business now but you can choose to take extra law classes so you can pursue a law degree.

Peter Gale

You can enjoy better job opportunities. Most industries would require you to have a higher education in order to advance. There are those that might argue that securing an on-the-job experience is going to be much more valuable than securing a graduate degree. Still, there are specific industries that really require one to have a graduate level education so he can advance.

There is also a certain degree of respectability that is present when you have secured a further education. Any college degree tends to command respect, more so when you have a master’s degree. Employers too are aware that securing a graduate degree is not going to be easy. This is why they tend to respect those candidates that have completed graduate program compared to those that have not.

Moreover, it is also a good chance for one to grow intellectually. Graduate schools are known for providing cognitive development and intellectual stimulation. Further education is going to help expand and grow your mind in the process. Learn more about the many benefits of pursuing a graduate education by reading about Peter Gale here. You can also like the Peter Gale Facebook page here and visit Peter Gale rate my teacher profile page here. 

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