Peter Gale Discusses Why You Should Consider Becoming a Teacher

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Why Teaching is a Career You Might Want to Pursue

Peter Gale has been in the education profession for more than 20 years. A former Ofsted inspector for Her Majesty, he has honed his career span several years of bringing much-needed improvements and changes to the various institutions that he has helmed or was a part of. A truly passionate educator, he is not only skilled in educational leadership, public policy, change management, coaching, data analysis, and strategic planning. 

If you are thinking of switching careers, becoming a teacher may be something that you would want to consider seriously. Britain is in need of more teachers. While it is true that a number are training as fresh graduates, it is also quite a common occurrence for people to pursue the career later on in their lives. What is important is that it will never too late for one to retrain if he wants to become one. After all, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider pursuing it.

There is an endless variety in the profession. Most people that pursue the profession have found out that it offers a lot of potential for creativity. There are different new challenges that are present every day. It also offers you a chance to interact with a variety of students every day. There is never a dull moment in the profession and a lot of people would find the need to think outside the box to be quite energising.  

You will find that it is no longer you who will actually want to consider teaching as a secondary career. A lot of people would likely be in the same boat as you. Any teachers have previously been marketing executives, bank managers, hairdressers, nurses, and even actors. It is often those people that came from a different field make some really rapid progression in their career.

Peter Gale

There is brilliant support that one can get at every stage too. Whether it is studying the profession at a university, on the job, or training through rigorous learning programmes, teachers can expect that they will always have the necessary support to develop their confidence and skills in the classroom. They will also be given access to advisory services and support networks. Dedicated advisers will also be offered with practical tips when it comes to the application while making sure that they are assisted in understanding the various funding options.

Opportunities for progression are aplenty too. The more you will take on extra responsibilities, the quicker you are going to see your salary will increase as well. The pension is going to be competitive too. In addition, there is also the opportunity to earn while you are learning. If you are a great teacher, you can trust that your services are going to be in demand. According to statistics, 95% of teachers who are newly qualified are hired for a teaching role in just six months after completing their training. Learn more about the teaching profession by reading about Peter Gale here. You can also like Peter Gale Facebook page here and learn more about Peter Gale career here.

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  2. Great article from Peter Gale. A great educator and teacher.