Peter Gales Shares Thoughts in Slow Progress for Equality in Universities

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British Universities are Making Little Progress in Promoting Equality

Read the latest Peter Gale Teacher blog. Peter is an educational expert in the UK. Having been in the educational profession for more 2 decades, he has built a career introducing and advocating numerous positive and lasting changes in numerous schools he had been a part of that are still being enjoyed by pupils and staff today. Below, he shares some of his thoughts on the slow progress that universities seem to be making in terms of equality. 

Recent data on equality shows that there seems to be little progress that has been made in British universities in terms of promoting staff that are black or those that belong in other minorities to senior positions.

Statistics that were recently collated concerning equality in these institutions reveal that for last year alone, only a tiny fraction of the professors working in universities in the country were from BME or black and minority ethnic backgrounds. Women were especially poorly represented. For instance, in the academic year 2016-17, there were only 25 black women that are on the record that are employed as professors from an overall total of 19,000. Meanwhile, there was a recorded 14,000 white male professors but only 90 of them are black.

Data collected from official sources also show that staff who are identified as BME are also most likely to remain in junior positions when compared to their white peers. They are also likely to be employed on fixed-term contracts and are likely to be not as well paid as well.

Peter Gale Teacher

Still, there are reports that show improvements though. For instance, the number of BME staff has actually doubled in a span of ten years. The past 11 years has shown small improvements but quite consistent ones in various equality areas such as ethnicity pay gaps and gender. This is quite encouraging, however, the issues still persist which means that there still a lot of work that needs to be done in order to better address it.

Data collected for 2017 graduates showed that the gap has been closing in terms of the final degree results between students who are white and those who are BME. About 80% of white students have been awarded a 2:1 degree or first class. Meanwhile, 66% of BME students got awarded the same thing. This 13% gap is smaller when compared to the 15% gap registered for the previous year.

Most BME students have also shown a preference for London in terms of studying. The rate is even more than double when compared to the preference of white British students. BME students are also likely to take professional subjects too and will often avoid such courses as philosophy and history, and are likely to go for law, business or courses related to science and technology.

However, disparities in terms of ethnicity, race, and gender still loom large inside staff rooms in universities. Only one in four professors is a woman and 92% of those were white. Keep up to date with the latest developments in education by reading about Peter Gale Teacher online here You can also follow the Peter Gale Nonsuch Twitter page here. 

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