Peter Gale Discusses How UK Education Fares with the Rest of the World

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Comparing Support and Funding in the UK with Other Countries

Read the latest Peter Gale Headteacher blog. Peter Gale is an education professional based in Surrey in the UK. Experienced with more than 20 years of being in the sector, he is an educational leadership expert and was responsible for effecting numerous positive changes to the many institutions that he was a part of. A former Ofsted inspector, he was responsible not only in inspecting schools but also in initially training school and university teachers.

Every year, education in various industrialised countries is compared to help provide a snapshot of present trends. The figures tend to pick out specific distinguishing features and in this case, it does not only look into the UK educational system, but also that of Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

When it comes to the early years, for kids aged there and up, there seems to be a high level of take-up in terms of pre-school childcare and education in the UK. The figures are higher compared to almost every single developed country in the world. However, the statistics reveal that poorer families tend to miss out. The UK is quite unusual compared to other countries as well due to how the costs tend to come from parents instead of from employers, the state, the voluntary sector, or business subsidies.

In terms of tuition fees, compared to other industrialised countries, the UK seems to be paying the highest, excluding the US. The costs are actually being driven more by the fees in schools in England compared to other systems in the UK. Data shows, however, that much of these costs are not going to be repaid. Also, a well-developed financial system also makes it possible for more students to attend university.

Peter Gale Headteacher

Compared to other countries, the UK also has a high proportion in terms of young people that are able to go to university. Here seems to be a high proportion of students that are taking science and maths. However, in terms of engineering, the country seems to have the lowest number of students.

Teachers seem to be getting younger in the UK as its workforce shows to be among the youngest when compared to the rest of the developed world. In addition, starting pay for teachers in the UK seems to be showing a rapid progression. There also seems to be a huge gap between classroom teachers and head teachers as head teachers in the country are among those who are paid the highest in the word.

For funding, data from 2015 shows that the UK average is above average especially at the primary and the secondary level. At the university level, student spending tends to be above average level and is reflected in high fee levels.

There also seems to be a strong link between employment and education in the UK. Graduates tend to have the lowest unemployment rate when compared to the rest of the developed world. The labour market in the country also imposes severe penalties to those that have poor qualifications. Also, women tend to be more likely out of the workforce compared to men. Stay updated with the UK education system by reading about Peter Gale Headteacher online here.  You can also follow the Peter Gale Headteacher Twitter page here and read Peter Gale Headteacher news here. Watch Peter Gale Headteacher video below.


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